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Welcome to Espace Catastrophe
Place for training, creation, representation, information and promotion of Circus Arts, Street Arts and Clown Arts.
Installed in previous ice-houses of Saint-Gilles, Espace Catastrophe has since 1995 been a place devoted to young creation in Circus Arts, Street Arts and Clown Arts.

The team, composed of 9 permanent staff and about 50 additional support staff per season, has developed a wide training programme organised in 4 sectors, according to the clientele it concerns (see 'Training').

Every year these different programmes bring together more than 600 participants (Belgians and foreigners), who visit Espace Catastrophe between 1h30 and 40 hours a week, for a total of +/- 4000 hours of training programmes per season!

Espace Catastrophe offers workspace, rooms for practicing, creation studios and promotion for artists, Belgian as foreign. It gives professional development opportunities, supports the creation of new projects, organises many festivals as promotion of young creations ('Pistes de Lancement', 'C'est du Jamais Vu!'), offers a series of services linked to artistic practice, such as the Resource and Documentation Centre, a database, information, advice in administration, management, production, and finally promotion and diffusion. It enables professional circus performers to experiment and work towards devising new work.

This huge 'toolbox' for professional artists, experienced performers as well as young or aspiring artists, is a centre of creativity, and through evening classes and leisure activities open to everybody dedicated to circus arts. Espace Catastrophe is an interesting place to meet and to exchange ideas and experiences on artistic techniques.

Even if Espace Catastrophe is difficult to classify in a cultural landscape that is still too rigid, during 8 years of existence it has managed to become a place of great importance in the development of Circus Arts, Street Arts and Clown Arts in Brussels, Belgium and abroad.

Indeed Espace Catastrophe was created as a result of an experimental project in 1995, a mixture of one crisp clear idea and the risk taking of the Belgian circus artist Catherine Magis. With her hard work and fight through plenty of difficulties, she made Espace Catastrophe to be a reference as a place of creation, 'space to launch' or 'place of start'. Its role is not just limited to offer an infrastructure, but it provides a personalised approach to meet the needs of young performers and enables them to take full advantage of what the professional life has to offer...

Additional information :
Espace Catastrophe
Creative Workspace // Circus Arts – Street Arts – Clowning Arts
Rue de la Glacière, 18
1060 Brussels

Tel. ++ 32 (0)2 538 12 02 - Fax ++ 32 (0)2 538 49 44

E-mail : or see on line in french 'Formations'


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