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With a unique blend of technique and creativity, this Aerial Hoop Workshop offers you the opportunity to polish your current Aerial Hoop skills while simultaneously pushing you further in pursuit of progress.
Mixed with fun and exciting technique, this workshop will also focus on teaching choreographed sequences in an effort to get you moving from one skill to the next more seamlessly by means of conscious, creative movements.

Prérequis & Compléments

This workshop is aimed towards individuals who have Aerial Hoop experience and who wish to progress further technically and choreographically. Therefore, it is essential that the students meet the following prerequisites: - Aerial Hoop experience - Good physical condition - Content with being in the air - Content with being upside down - Content with spinning - Content with learning/doing choreography mixed with technique on and off of the Aerial Hoop

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Discipline : Technique Aérienne

Fréquence : 3h / Jour

Niveau : Tous niveaux

Nombre de participants : Min. : 8 - Max. : 12

Salle : Salle HOP


Horaire : LUNDI-VENDREDI > de 14h30 à 17h30

Du 04.03.2019 au 08.03.2019

Durée : 5 Jours

Remarques & Infos supplémentaires

If you have already followed one of Summer’s Aerial Hoop courses, or if you have Aerial Hoop experience with a different instructor, then this workshop is definitely for you! This workshop will prove to be quite difficult for beginners, but the door is always open for you to try! * Due to time and the nature of this workshop, we will not spend extra time on strength training, injury prevention, nor flexibility, so it is best that you come to the workshop in good physical condition. With this said, I am always happy to provide you with information and exercises you can work on outside of the workshop.


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