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This way^UP - Explorer l'improvisation dans tous les sens

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For people who like to explore improvisation from all different directions !
A movement and voice performance improvisation workshop for adult beginners to professionals.

We start from the premise that everyone should have the opportunity to perform, not just professionals. The workshop uses a multilevel class structure that mixes the technically developed skills of the professional with the raw creative explorations of a beginner.

Inspired by Al Wunder’s Theatre of the Ordinary, this improvisational approach promotes an experiential way of learning. Students discover what they like doing, what they like seeing and take responsibility for developing their own style of theatrical self-presentation.

The essence of the workshop is to help people find their own style of communication in movement and voice: whether they have professional aspirations or are just ordinary people wishing to explore an extraordinarily fun way to express and develop themselves as individuals.

'Life is an improv'. - Ruth Zaporah

Prérequis & Compléments

Non précisé.


Discipline : Danse / Mouvement

5 jours/semaine

Niveau : Tous niveaux

Nombre de participants : Min. : 6 - Max. : 14


Horaire : LUNDI>VENDREDI - 19h00>22h00

Du 27.10.2008 au 31.10.2008

Formation de 15 heures

Remarques & Infos supplémentaires


Susanne Bentley

Danseuse , formatrice, chorégraphe & coach. Formée en danse contemporaine, danse contact, Skinner Releasing, pole danse, yoga et danse classique. A travaillé avec Heine Avdal, Superamas, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Pierre Rubio, Les Ballets C de la B...

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